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June 21st, 2010

Maastricht workshop

When typographer  and graphic designer Peter Brawne asked me to think of ways of how illustration could be part of  a new design for a newspaper. I thought this might make an interesting challenge for the students illustration at the ABKM (Art College Maastricht in The Netherlands). In a short workshop of  two full days, the

Two days meant that there was only room for a ‘serious’ brainstorm and discussions  and many interesting ideas  came up. There were a good few starting points for exploration. Anything from portable parts, using both sides of the paper and holes,  through to recycling and multi usage of  images and  who knows in some other workshop or some other time they can explore further. It made the students and me realise that there are so many more possibilities for image usage within print. With half an eye on the digital shift, how with a changed perception of what illustration can do, the possibilities for visual communication  can become truly exciting….

I hope the students can take this with them as I can take these two inspiring days as food for thought for my own research.