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Journal of Illustration 6-1 and 6-2 are published!

The Journal of Illustration 6-1 and 6-2edited by Sheena Calvert and me,  with editorial introductions by Sheena and yours truly.  Together present fifteen papers written as a result of the conference Decriminalising Ornament: The Pleasures of Pattern held in 2018. Available online and in print.

With articles in JIL 6-1 by Nanette Hoogslag, Ameet Hindocha, Gabrielle Brace Stevenson and Nicholas Stevenson, Lucy Roscoe, Louise Bell, George Jaramillo and Lynne Mennie, Danica Maier and Jennifer Nightingale and articles in JIL 6-2  byDesdemona McCannon, Stephanie Black, Vincent Larkin, Sarah Horton, Matson Gallagher, Laurence North,  Bill Prosser and Sarah Teleman.


The Journal of Illustration provides an international forum for scholarly research and investigation of a range of cultural, political, philosophical, historical, and contemporary issues, in relation to illustration. This peer-reviewed journal encourages new critical writing on illustration, associated visual communication, and the role of the illustrator as maker, visualizer, thinker, and facilitator, within a wide variety of disciplines and professional contexts. Published by Intellect Books: