N vision

visual design


Since 1996 I have been teaching in illustration and design courses at various art colleges in The Netherlands. Apart from focussing on the illustration curriculum, I am especially interested in concept development and experimenting with illustration as a social development tool. Within my curriculum as in seminars and workshops I would get students involved in social exchange projects be it with peers or other groups.

Next to these projects I also developed a curriculum for concept development in illustration for the Utrecht school of Arts (HKU) and a peer-to-peer teaching method for design students at the Maastricht School of Arts (Hogeschool Zuyd).

Need a Hero

One week Graffiti seminar for first year students

A multicultural secondary school in a deprived area in Utrecht needs to make it’s outbuildings a more ‘fun’ environment to be in and prevent local graffiti ‘artists’ to continue their expressions on the outside of the building. They asked the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht if students could come up with an idea which would also actively involve the school pupils

In the seminar project ‘Need a Hero’ the kids in this school needed to feel that they were valued and able individuals in school and society. The students, most inexperienced in working on this scale and surface, let alone make graffiti, were asked to develop and create the entire outside design in a workshop lead by graffiti artist Ottograph.

20 students  only had one week, which happened to be the coldest of that  year,  to pimp up this bleak school buildings and help each kid to make and spays his or her own portrait on the building and place it between the portraits of famous heroes of all times.