N vision

A strong visual concept and a ‘Dutch’ design base are core to the work, creating engaging and evocative results.

Nanette Hoogslag specialises in illustration and image-based communication design. Over the years Nanette has worked for a wide range of projects for clients worldwide. From single images for magazines, web design through to large communication design projects. Nanette got a PhD in illustration, where her research focus is on the role of illustration in print and online media.

Together practice and research, as well as her role as educator form the strong basis for her work; for showing what illustration is and can be within  present communication.

“In recent years I’ve extended my illustration practice into a much wider variety of expressions, not wanting to be restrained  by style or medium. In some cases ‘getting the message across’ meant designing entire events to illustrate a point or commission other artists to express the ideas”.

“My understanding of the true potential of illustration,  lead to a personal visual design approach beyond a single medium, beyond pictures and into the research of illustration now and in the future.”