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The History of Illustration has arrived

The History of Illustration has arrived, 29 chapters, from illustration historians, practitioners, and educators worldwide aiming to define a first comprehensive as well as wide oversight of illustration in all its glory! I’m proud to be the author of the last chapter, together with Whitney Sherman.

History of Illustration covers image-making and print history from around the world, spanning from the ancient to the modern. Hundreds of colour images show illustrations within their social, cultural, and technical context, while they are ordered from the past to the present. Readers will be able to analyse images for their displayed techniques, cultural standards, and ideas to appreciate the art form.


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“The authoritative book on the origins, history, and influence of illustration. This book will educate and foster mutual respect between designers, fine artists, faculty colleagues, and of course, the illustration students enrolled in contemporary Bachelors of Fine Arts programs. Bravo!” –  David Brinley, University of Delaware, USA,

“Highly detailed and thorough. I especially like that the history of illustration of non-western cultures aren’t ignored. . .Covers all of the major illustrators and movements.” –  Deanna Staffo, Maryland Institute College of Art, USA,

“This book is one of the most thorough histories of illustration that I have seen and it would serve graphic design students well. Its content on non-western cultures far exceeds any comprehensive illustration or design history text available at this time.” –  Amanda Horton, University of Central Oklahoma, USA,


It really does seem to be a watershed event in the grand scheme to set illustration in its rightful place in the larger discussions and appreciations of art and culture. And it does so soberly, without either overpraising or being unduly critical or ideological. It would take a me a year to take it all in, but suffice to say, it looks to me like a remarkable achievement and one that all of you should take great pride in. Kevin Ferrara (Creative Director)