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data driven illustration: Hard Truths

Based on an article in the Guardian Newspaper: George Osborne warns of more cuts and austerity in ‘year of hard truths’ this illustration responds to the proclamation of George Osborne’s ‘Hard Truths’.

This illustration prtesents a looped animated sequence where the cyclist pushes the bike with the figure of George Osborne standing on the backseat waving his magic wand. When he gets to the centre of the image, teh cyclist  stops and waits. When the viewer ‘clicks on’ George Osborne, his magic wand sprinkles yellow light and all the new rules of the Tory Governement ( 2013-2014) have brought to pass to make the economy ‘better’. The  Victorian busiinessmen  cheer! Next the cyclist moves on, but the question is whether life has become any better for him, despite the fact that teh economy is on the up.

This illustration alters depending on available realtime data: GDP:  If the GDP is going down, the magic wand brings darkness, surrounding all the measures taken by the governement and the Victorian gentlemen bow their heads in sorrow. Living Wage: As long as there is no living wage in place the cyclist will be having to push hard on his bike. But if the living wage balance is reached, the cyclist is able to sit upright and cycle with much more ease; governement cuts: Which governemental measures are taken  can be continually updated

this movie is a screenrecording of a data driven illustration