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visual design


Klankmaat is a company centred around the wider use and possibilities of sound and music and it specialises in team building and communication workshops in education and larger corporations.

The design of the visual identity of Klankmaat needed to reflect the company attitude and concept. Practically , based on a low budget, this design created needed to be used in many ways at a minimum of costs. The folder for publicity materials,, when cropped in a different way became presentation postcards and business cards.

The letter head printed in a single color  using a word template became a two color company stationary and could also be used for project  labelling.

visual identity Klankmaat



company brochure folder, back, front and inside


company stationary and website design


poster for childrens project: :'Ik hoor, ik hoor wat jij niet hoort!'


T-shirt design :'Ik hoor, ik hoor wat jij niet hoort!'